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Carissa Stanton, MD

Kansas City's most experienced holistic pediatrician: with training in nutrition, integrative medicine, and over 10 years of experience! 

  • Practice size is limited 

  • Virtual care via text, call and video 

  • In-person visits for well and sick care

  • Holistic and Wellness care

  • Supportive of full range of medical choices

Jumping on the Bed

Direct Pediatric Care - How does it work?

      Membership includes: 

  • Direct access       

  • Virtual care included

  • Well and sick visits (visit fee applies)

  • At-cost immunizations, labs, minor procedures


Less patients +

more time +

easier access=

Better care


Your child will have more time to be comfortable with their doctor


Directly text or call the doctor cuts down time and unnecessary visits


Holistic doesn't start with a C - but Mindful Pediatrics takes care of the WHOLE child!

Couple with their Baby

"We just had our first visit with Dr. Stanton and Mindful Pediatrics. It was so nice to see how relaxed our child was and how she engaged in the visit. I had all my questions answered and there was no rush to get through the visit and out of the room. We are so lucky to be part of the Mindful Pediatrics family and to have Dr. Stanton see our child!"

-Reagan C, mother

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