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Choosing a pediatrician and a practice is an important decision for families, and is a relationship that should be well-matched.

I have briefly answered frequently asked questions that may assist families.

Thank you, Dr. Stanton

What are the benefits to your practice? 

Mindful Pediatrics is solely me (Dr. Stanton) communicating and doing virtual care and visits with my limited number of families. This model of care, called Direct Primary Care, has many benefits. More time and direct access to your doctor has shown to improve health outcomes, decrease referrals, decrease urgent care visits, and provide better quality of care to keep patients more well. You will be amazed at the convenience and higher quality of care by having direct access to your child's physician.

I also provide wellness guidance and natural approaches to care because I have more time to address the whole child during appointments and I have training in nutrition and wellness. At Mindful Pediatrics, I can truly care for your child's mind, body, spirit and environment!

What services do you provide?

I provide general pediatric care to my members. Additionally I offer wellness consultations to members and non-members.   

What is your office location?

Mindful Pediatrics is located within KC Well Nest. KC Well Nest is a collective of holistic, like-minded providers working together. 

Why are you out of network with insurance companies?

Long story short: To remove all barriers between me and my patients to take care of kids better! For long story see my blog post My Return to the Doctor-Patient Relationship.   My practice is going back to the simpler and better ways of direct doctor and patient relationship without the barriers in between! 

Of note: Mindful Pediatrics is not able to provide services for patients who are Medicare beneficiaries.

What is your vaccine and medical decision making policy?

I empathize with families navigating the healthcare system and America's challenges to protect and make decisions for their child. I am an open-minded healthcare provider who is supportive of each family's unique benefit/risk ratio and medical choices. I support  families and the full range of medical decisions and choices. I do require a consent form to be signed to protect my liability and ability to continue to practice as a medical doctor in America.

What is mindfulness?

The definition of mindfulness is the state of being conscious or aware of something. To me it is a way of living: taking the extra effort to think about the impact of your decisions. My husband came up with the name Mindful Pediatrics. We chose it because my goal is to apply this way of living to my practice and the care I provide. The Mindful Pediatrics motto is to be mindful of the whole child: to take care of a child’s mind, body, spirit and environment. The Mindful Pediatrics logo was designed by my daughter to symbolize these aspects. The 4 leaves to depict these 4 holistic parts of a child’s wellness. The child is a tree symbolizing the roots a child needs and the growth the child goes through. The home symbolizes the family centered care.

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