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Parents with Child

Primary Care

  • Virtual Care 

    • Direct access via a secure app to text and call​​

  • In-person Visits 

    • Wellness Visits 

    • Acute and sick visits ​

  • Procedures

    • Anterior tongue tie release​


  • Infant

    • Mom/baby gut health, reflux/colic, tethered oral tissues (tongue/lip tie), disordered breathing​

  • Toddlers/Children

    • Gut health, nutrition, tethered oral tissues (tongue/lip tie), sleep disorders, disordered breathing

  • Adults

    • Wellness, root cause of illness, nervous system regulation, nutrition, lifestyle modifications

Dr. Stanton is
now offering
wellness consultations
for ALL ages

If need help finding and addressing root causes, navigating the medical system, guidance with improving wellness: Dr. Stanton can help!

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