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Parents with Child

Then Mindful Pediatrics is for you!

Are you tired of not having access to your child's doctor?

Do you wish your pediatrician could give more individualized care?

Do you want to improve the wellness of your child?

Primary Care

  • Virtual Care 

    • Direct access via a secure app to text and call​​

  • In-person Visits 

    • Wellness Visits 

    • Acute and sick visits ​

  • Procedures

    • Anterior tongue tie release​

    • Circumcision

      • click for more info: 

Wellness Coaching

  • Infant

    • Mom/baby gut health, reflux/colic, tethered oral tissues (tongue/lip tie), disordered breathing​

  • Toddlers/Children

    • Gut health, nutrition, tethered oral tissues (tongue/lip tie), sleep disorders, disordered breathing

  • Adults

    • Wellness, root cause of illness, nervous system regulation, nutrition, lifestyle modifications

Dr. Stanton now offering wellness coaching
for ALL ages

I have years of training and experience which gives me unique knowledge about root causes of disease, natural healing, oral function/breathing, low toxicity living, nutrition, and holistic wellness. I've been in your shoes wanting to heal root causes, but not knowing where to start or what to do. Well now you don't have to start from scratch, let me guide you in the right direction!

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